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Steamer platter with grilled oysters

About The Steamer

A Brief History

After moving from New Orleans, the Plauché Family opened the Reef Restaurant at this location in 1989.  In 2003, it opened as the Jourdan River Steamer.  After a few too many storms, we had to tear down the ol' building and start again in April of 2018. 

When You Dine With Us

Please sit back and relax as we have sourced the top ingredients to serve to you.  Taste with your eyes, ears, mouth, hands, heart, fingers and your friends.

The Steam Team is here for one reason only - and that is to spoil you. 


Apply if you think you'd like to join the Steam Team.

What People Are Saying...

This restaurant is first class with the building and view. The people hired are extremely professional and intelligent. They handled our dining experience *perfectly*.

The food is 5 stars.

The experience is something not found except maybe in the top 1% of restaurants I have ever visited. Service, atmosphere and food this good is no accident. 
This is one of my top all time favorite restaurants.

—  Neil Howard via Facebook

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